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A Simple Way to Improve Our Devotions and Prayers

I’ve found that using the word and has a positive effect—not only on my children, but on my prayer life as well.

Julia Attaway, Seeds of Devotion blogger

One of the best parenting tips I ever received was to substitute the word and for but. Sounds silly, yet it works.

“I know you’re tired, and I need you to pick up your room” is far more effective than saying “…but I need you to pick up your room.” I suspect it’s because and unites the two thoughts, while but seems to erase everything before it.

Lately I’ve found that using and has a positive effect on my prayer life as well.

“I’m weary Lord, and I want to do your will.”

“Keep me from bitterness, Jesus, and bless those who are causing me difficulty.”

“Help me find work, Father, and make knowing you my first desire.”

It’s surprising how many seemingly contradictory thoughts aren’t really in conflict at all when we’re willing to join them together in God’s name.

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