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5 Simple Prayers for Military Families

Military members aren’t the only ones who need prayer.  

Military members aren’t the only ones affected by anxiety about deployment, re-assignment or safety. Their loved ones also bear this burden. Here are some prayers to support those with a loved one in the military.

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Military couple embracing

1 of 5 Prayer for Military Spouse

Lord, we lift up military spouses. Bless them with an abundance of courage and fill them with comfort. Please surround them with community to stave off feelings of loneliness. Above all, we pray they would feel Your presence and be reassured that You are with them.

Military member holding miniature house

2 of 5 Prayer for Moving

I pray that You give peace to military families who are in the process of moving. Calm anxieties about starting over in a new location and help them not to take out worries on each other. Remind them that You are their true and eternal home.

Soldier talks to family

3 of 5 Prayer for Family with Loved One in Combat Zone

Dear God, be with those whose family members are in the thick of the fighting. We pray protection for their loved one and those affected by their absence. Help them not to obsessively worry and to rely on You during this difficult time.

Military couple hugging child

4 of 5 Prayer for Children of Military Members

Dear Lord, I pray for the children of military members. Be near to those who are missing their deployed parent and help them to understand that their parent loves them, even if they are far away. Bless them with an abundance of love and support, and calm any fears they have about their parent.

Military member opens arms to hug child

5 of 5 Prayer for Homecoming

Thank you, Lord, for bringing military members home safely. Please continue to protect and provide for these families as they adjust to normal life. Grant everyone patience and peace as they move forward. May the potential stress or awkwardness of this homecoming be outweighed by joy and gratitude.

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