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When You Care Enough to Save the Very Best

Greeting cards that delight, inspire and comfort can become treasured mementos over time.

A bulletin board filled with greeting cards

I tack most of the greeting cards I receive to the kitchen bulletin board where they stay until it’s rearranged to make room for schedules, coupons, and other family miscellany. But some cards are treasured for generations, like family jewels.

For instance, on a bookshelf in our family room sits an old album of small black and white photos and the cards my grandparents received when my mother was born. Next to it, my own baby album holds cards sent to my parents when I was born. Congratulations cards from when we adopted our first daughter are tucked into a memento box in her bedroom.

Many of the sympathy cards I received when my parents passed away have their own spot in my desk drawer. In the hallway dresser there are fifty-year-old Christmas cards from my great-aunt in Poland.

Greeting cards are a simple and quick way to send love … and yet their message can span decades, even continents.

What cards have you saved over the years?

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