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God’s Timing: An Unexpected Opportunity to Talk about Jesus

A leaf, a slip and next thing you know, a conversation about Jesus with a stranger.

A leaf leads to a conversation about Jesus. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.

I never thought photographing leaves would turn out to be a crucial part in telling someone about Jesus, but this day I think it did. 

In my post from Tuesday, I spoke of a gentleman I met at the base of the waterfall. I shared with him how I trusted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. This conversation may have never happened if it weren’t for the leaves.

On the way to the waterfall, I spotted the leaves high in the air, and they stopped me in my tracks. The problem was the distracting leaves and branches that I did not want in the photograph. I knew I had to break them off–the tricky part was getting to them.

I could reach the leaves if I stood on a thin handrail. My husband did not think I should because it was slick. 

The only way to successfully stand on the rail and reach the leaves would be if my husband held my legs. I climbed on the rail, he held my legs, and I broke off the branch.

He helped me back down, and when I got back to my camera and took the photo, I noticed I did not break everything off. We went through the whole routine again but had the same outcome….there was one more leaf I did not want in the photo!

The third time was the charm, but this time my husband’s feet slipped from under him, and he fell. Since he was supporting me, I fell on him. We were okay, and I am glad no one was watching because it had to be a comical sight!

I believe the photographing of the leaves and my falling, played a part in meeting the gentleman at the waterfall. Our timing is not perfect, but His timing always is!

Salvation is as simple as ABC:

A:  Admit you are a sinner. (Romans 3:23)

B:  Believe Christ died for you. (John 3:16)

C:  Confess Jesus as Savior and Lord. (Romans 10:9-10)

Do you know HIM?

Location:  On the trail to Amicalola Falls, Dawsonville, Georgia


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