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How to Feel Blessed, No Matter What

How to feel blessed even when things are going wrong in your life.

Feeling blessed, no matter what

A number of years ago my family went on a mission trip to Costa Rica. As we walked through areas of abject poverty–tiny homes and shanties made of cast-off scraps of wood and metal–our simple home back in the U.S. suddenly seemed like a mansion. As we met precious folks who had so little and were still hopeful, we suddenly realized how truly rich we all were.

So even though it’s been a hard year for my family health-wise and in other ways, I’m still counting my blessings:

1)  My Sweet Husband
After 42 years of marriage, Paul is still my sweetheart and best friend. He lives Jesus in front of our family, is available whenever anyone needs a helping hand and loves me more than I deserve. He prays for me and still holds my hand. I am beyond blessed that he is mine.

2)  My Children, Servants of God
Two of my sons are preaching the Gospel and our other son is active in music ministry at his church. For this mama, there’s no greater joy than seeing them touch hearts and lives for God.

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3)  My Sweet Grandbabies
Each one is precious beyond words. They fill my life with so much sunshine, laughter and love. They are truly one of God’s best gifts and just hearing their voices or seeing their faces brings an instant smile.

4)  God’s Word
He gives me guidance when I don’t know what to do, highlights areas of my life that need change and provides comfort and hope during difficult days. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clung to His sweet and precious promises.

5)  God’s Attention
It boggles my mind that the God who created the universe cares about what concerns me–but He does. I’m so blessed that I can go to Him with whatever is on my heart and know that He’s waiting to hear what I want to say.

He has blessed me way more than I deserve, and today I’d just like to thank Him for being such an amazing God. How would you like to praise Him today?

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