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5 Tips for Tracking Down a Job

Nina Christensen knows how it feels to be out of work. Here's her advice on how to conduct a successful search for a new position.

Nina Christensen

The fact is, I have never been without a job. The day after I was downsized as the communications director for a commercial contractor, my new job title was Director of Finding Myself Another Job! You have to treat a job hunt as a project, and it doesn't end until you land a new position.

1. Pray.
Ask the Lord to open the door to the job that He wants you to have, and then trust Him to do it. There are some spiritual lessons I needed to learn while being unemployed, and having learned them helped to open my door. Pray and keep praying. He will answer you, and he's got your back.

2. Interviewing for a job is like dating.
Not many are impressed with a date who is so grateful you called to ask her out. Attitude is everything; bring your quiet confidence, passion for what you do, and your best smile. If they believe you can do the job and will fit within their company culture, you're 90% there!

3. Arrive early, be prepared, and have your written recommendation ready!
Former employers tend to be more positive and in depth when they write a letter on your behalf, as opposed to taking a call on their cell phone when they may be late for a meeting or trying to catch a plane. If you left their employ on good terms, they are usually very willing to help you. Sometimes just being presented with letters of recommendation is all a potential employer requires, but be sure they're written on company letterheads and come complete with contact information.

4. Do your homework!
Be familiar with the company, as well as its website, products and services, and the job description before your interview. Prepare questions you'll want to ask during the interview, and print them out to use as a reference during the interview.

5. Always send a note.
Within 24-48 hours of an in-person or phone interview, you should send a note thanking the interviewer for their time and interest in you. I personally like email, as I know it will be delivered, and on time. Don't take a chance that your handwritten note will go to someone else at the company by mistake.

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