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Pass It On: Say ‘Woof’

By sharing pics of their pooches, folks from around the world show support to a teenaged boy battling cancer.

An artist's rendering of a dog taking a selfie with a smart phone

I was scrolling through Facebook to see what my friends and family were up to when I saw that a friend had “liked” a page called Photo Doggies for Anthony.

I love dogs. I clicked on the link to read more. A woman in Arizona started the page to cheer up her friend’s son, 16-year-old Anthony, who was in the hospital for cancer treatments. They noticed that a visit from some therapy dogs really boosted Anthony’s spirits—but sometimes the pups weren’t around. On those days, he can go to the Facebook page and see pictures of dogs.

What a sweet idea, I thought. Dogs offer such unconditional love—they don’t care if you’re sick or healthy. My own dogs have helped me get through some difficult times in my life.

I picked a couple of pictures of my dog, Piper, at his cutest and posted them to the page. The plan was to make Anthony smile, but when I saw that Piper was joining hundreds of thousands of dogs from around the world, I had a big grin too.

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