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Pass It On: Card Fairy

A woman discovers she has a knack for making greeting cards—and making people smile!

An artist's rendering of a woman mailing a letter

A friend taught me to make greeting cards, and I was so proud of my designs that I put them up for sale in a local craft shop. But no one bought any. What a disappointment! And what was I going to do with those cards?

Someone suggested I send them to friends. I did, and it was so much fun—and people were so thrilled to get a handmade card—that I made more.

I’ve turned into something of a card fairy, and I take special joy in making surprise deliveries. I’ll put cards in mailboxes, of course, but I also like to leave them on doorsteps or car windshields.

Last year I made 25 valentines for friends at church. I started with red card stock lined with white paper, picked a sweet Bible verse for each friend and added some stickers and ribbon. My friends felt good that someone remembered them with a personalized card.

I may not have sold any cards, but giving them away makes my friends—and me—smile. I consider that a success.

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