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7 Daily Habits to Reach Your God-Sized Goals

In his new book Win the Day, pastor and best-selling author Mark Batterson shares how to stress less—and make the most of each day.  

Pastor Mark Batterson; Photo courtesy: Mark Batterson

Pastor Mark Batterson is no stranger to dispensing life advice; after all, Win the Day is his 20th published book. The best-selling author of the blockbusters Chase the Lion and The Circle Maker, which have sold millions of copies, believes writing is one of the best ways for him to communicate. “I want to help people tap their God-given potential” he says. “Your potential is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God.”

Batterson, the founder and lead pastor of National Community Church, which has several campuses throughout the Washington D.C. region, says that his newest book seems to be resonating with a wide swath of the population.  “Maybe it’s the times that we are living through,” he says, adding that the book seems to be particularly popular in athletic circles.

But it’s likely Batterson’s lively and no-nonsense—dare we say fun—approach to turning your life around that is inspiring so many people. Chock full of examples from the Bible, his own life and scores of others, Batterson builds the case for living day by day. “I try to help people see old things in new ways. I turn the kaleidoscope so they can see things from a different angle—see God differently and see their life differently.”

Here’s his advice on how to win the day—which in turn, will help you conquer your God-sized goals.

1. Flip the Script. Batterson points out if you want to change your life you often need to change the story that you tell both yourself and others. “You have to convince yourself that winning is possible,” writes Batterson. And he should know. In graduate school Batterson took an aptitude test that indicated writing was not a natural aptitude. 20 books later Batterson is happy he told himself a different tale.

2. Kiss the Wave. The main point here? Accept your past and embrace the obstacles you face. “You’ve got to come to terms with the pain that has made you who you are,” writes Batterson “Kissing the wave is simply acknowledging: ‘It is what it is.’”

3. Eat the Frog. What to-do list items are you most tempted to procrastinate on? Get them out of the way (eat the frog!) and do them first thing in the morning. How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it.

4. Fly the Kite. How you do anything is how you’ll do everything. So go ahead and dream big, but start small. Little by little bad habits are broken. It builds confidence and creates momentum so that you can go after those God-sized goals.

5. Cut the Rope. Playing it safe is actually risky. You’re only one decision away from an entirely new life but you’ve got to step out in faith and take chances. You must imagine the unborn tomorrows and then establish new habits—one day at a time.

6. Wind the Clock. Keep Going—God hasn’t given up on you, so don’t give up on him. Keep winding that clock with faith, hope and love.

7. Seed the Clouds. Take proactive measures today that will produce desired outcomes tomorrow. For Batterson, that means starting each and every day with his daily Bible reading plan. Don’t worry about next week, next month or next year. Seed the clouds and God will make it rain.

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