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7 Money Saving Apps You Should Download Now

Here are a few user-friendly apps guaranteed to save you some cash and help you live better on a budget. 

Money Saving Apps

Many people deal with financial struggle. With so many expenses, hidden fees, bills and debt payments, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by financial situations. Luckily, technology is here to help. To monitor your finances, save money and get out of debt, invest in these money-saving apps that promise to take the headache out of budgeting and help you get on the right financial track.

1) Mint

This personal finance tracker does everything. It can sync to all of your accounts and credit cards in order to monitor your spending, help you create budgets, show you where your money is going (in graph form) and give you money saving tips to help stretch your dollar even more. It was created by the people of TurboTax which means they’ve got experience with money matters and it’s one of the highest-rated moneysaving apps on iTunes.

Available: Free on iOS and Android

2) BillKeeper

If you have a hard time remembering to pay that phone bill every month, or if bills in general seem to be swallowing up funds in your bank account, a bill tracking app is a good thing to invest in. Bill Keeper is one of the best. The program manages and tracks all of your bills, reminding you when a payment is due and providing you payment history – so you can confirm a bill was paid. This app eases the stress that comes along with paying bills which makes it worth its weight in gold, or bitcoins, or whatever currency people are using these days.

Available: $1.99 on iOS

3) Grocery IQ

 A lot of people use Grocery IQ as a digital shopping list – because who has time for pen and paper these days? But one of the biggest benefits of the app is its ability to save you a ton of money while you’re stocking up on food and goods for the week. The app lets you add items to a list by voice prompt or barcode, keeps a history of what you buy so you can easily find those products again and is loaded with coupons from Coupons.com that you can email to yourself and print off or link to store loyalty cards. If clipping isn’t your thing but saving money while perusing the aisles is, this is the app for you.

Available: Free on iOS and Android

4) Groupon

Groupon is an app that is often overlooked when thinking about ways to save money. No, it won’t help you create budgets or track your spending – in fact, its sole purpose it to encourage you to buy things – but it offers great deals on those things it wants you to buy. Planning a night out?Find what would be a costly dinner for two at a five-star restaurant for cheap. Need a haircut?Look up a high-end salon offering discounts on cuts and color. Organizing a family vacation? Check out the relatively inexpensive travel packages the app offers. If you’re going to spend money, save yourself some by checking Groupon first. 

Available: Free on iOS and Android

5) Debt Tracker Pro

Debt Tracker Pro is one of the best-reviewed debt management apps on ITunes, probably because it’s so good at helping you payoff what you owe. The app features the ability to track your payoff plan using the debt snowball system – or any system you want – while also providing pop-up reminders when payments are due and giving you tips on how to pay off debts even faster.

Available: $1.99 on iOS and Android

6) Military Cost Cutters

Military Cost Cutters is a veteran owned company that’s been helping the military community find military-friendly businesses and discounts for years It’s great for when you’re on the go and need to find a good deal. You can search the latest in local discounts by state and zip code with the app and read reviews of businesses by other app users.

Available: Free on Android

7) Digit

If you need to make sure you’re actually putting money into your savings account, Digit might be the app for you. The personal finance service links to your checking account, monitors your daily spending, and every few days transfers small amounts of money to your Digit savings account – an account set up for you by the app. The amounts are so small, you won’t notice them being taken but you will notice the amount of money you save at the end of every month – think hundreds of dollars. Anytime you want to use that money saved – say for a shopping splurge or a big trip – just text the amount you want to withdraw from your savings account and Digit will transfer it to your checking within one business day. All the money you save is FDIC insured, so there’s no worry that any will go missing – just the guarantee your saving’s account will grow.

Available: Free on iOS

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