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Healing with Harmony

How healing with harmony provides comfort for patients.

When you invite angels into your life, you will find that things change. It’s subtle, at least in the beginning, but definitely noticeable. 

I suppose it’s because angels are a little touch of heaven for us, and once we have accepted their existence, we are willing to go where they send us.

A good example of this is an organization named Healing with Harmony, based in Crown Point, Indiana. The founder, Mark Lindemer, and director, Wendy Bartlett, became aware of a need in outpatient services at their local hospitals about six years ago. 

When patients came in for treatment, such as dialysis or chemotherapy, they were usually in a noisy room, Mark noticed, with TVs blaring and people coming in and out. 

For folks already feeling nervous and apprehensive, the environment compounded their stress. In their spare time, Mark and Wendy talked to the patients and discovered that many found music very soothing.

The two began to make music kits. Copyright permissions were easily gathered, since this was a work for charity, and Wendy re-recorded certain types of music on CDs, starting with Christian artists and going on to several varieties. 

She developed a basket which included CDs with a theme (western music, classical etc.), headphones, disposable ear covers, batteries and carrying cases.

The kits were then offered to healthcare professionals to provide to their patients. The service was free, since Mark and Wendy had sponsored fundraisers and pursued grants.

The idea was an immediate success. Soon several area hospitals contacted Healing with Harmony, asking for kits, and Wendy realized she had just undertaken a second fulltime job! 

One day she just happened to attend one of my talks on angels, and realized that angel stories might also fit into their kits. Said Mark, “Why not offer them to patients who especially need some comfort?”

I didn’t know much about recording, but I was touched by the idea that angel stories could bring some much-needed peace. Within months we had recorded several from my books to add to the baskets of hope that outpatients can choose. The story CDs have become very popular. At last count, over 60 hospitals, from several states, are using the kits. Mark and Wendy are limited only by finances as they attempt to keep up with the demand.

It’s not surprising that the Healing with Harmony staff are big believers in angels, knowing their opportunity to comfort mind, body and spirit, is a gift.
Would you like to be an angel to someone in need? For more information, visit the website at healingwithharmony.com.

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