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Did I Practice What I Preached?

Tammie Temple shares why you should enjoy the occasional vacation.

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In the last blog I offered suggestions on how to handle diet and exercise while on vacation. When I went to visit GUIDEPOSTS in New York everyone there made it quite easy for me to stick with my program. They had fresh fruits, yogurt, and water available throughout the day and made sure that we went to restaurants that served baked, grilled, or steamed foods.

However, things were quite different when I went on vacation with my family. So, the question of worth is, Did I practice what I preached?

While traveling to our vacation destination of Branson, Missouri, I felt confident that I was well prepared to handle our vacation with little change in my diet and exercise regimen. 

I took with me some fresh nuts and healthy fiber bars, and I planned to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the trip. Our first stop for breakfast was no problem at all. I had some fresh fruit, water, and one of the fiber bars that I brought. 

As we continued to travel and I became a little hungry (or maybe it was just boredom), and I ate a few of the nuts that I brought with me. For lunch I had a grilled chicken with parmesan and spinach salad with a glass of water. 

By suppertime, however, my willpower was beginning to waver. I had grilled chicken fettuccini alfredo. Considering that I didn’t get any exercise on the first day due to the long distance we had traveled, my calories consumed exceeded my calories burned by about 120 calories. Not to worry, I told myself, as tomorrow is another day.

The next two days went quite well as I continued my exercise program each morning. For breakfast each day I ate oatmeal and fresh fruit, and for lunch one day I had a turkey on whole wheat sub and the next day grilled chicken with beans. 

But supper on the third night was quite a challenge. We went to a restaurant that is known for its famous homemade thrown rolls. I had only eaten there one time before and that was several years ago. I argued with myself that we are on vacation and I deserve to enjoy it. Besides, I may never get the opportunity to eat here again. So, yes, I ate not just one but two of those delicious buttery rolls. And I didn’t feel one bit guilty about it! 

I believed that due to all of the walking in the various amusement parks and playing with my nieces and nephews, I had burned more than enough calories to compensate for the rolls. The next day and the last day of our trip, I got back on track and resisted any other temptations. 

When I returned home, I was tempted to get on the scales and see how much I had gained while on our trip. I resisted though and decided it would be best to wait until the normal day that I always weigh myself. Two days later I weighed in and was delighted to find out that I had not gained any weight. I didn’t lose any, but more importantly I didn’t gain! 

I’m back at home now and continuing my normal routines. I am hoping that the vacation was just what the doctor ordered to “trick” my body into losing weight again. 

I’ve been stuck at the same weight for four weeks now. It’s been a little frustrating not seeing any more weight come off, but I keep reminding myself why I’m doing this. It’s not for vanity or to be at a certain weight, my main goal is to get healthy so that I can have a healthier and more productive life. I‘ve already been given that. It was evident this week while on vacation with my family. 

I now have the energy to keep up with my children, to climb the hills and mountains without tiring, to walk endlessly through the museums and amusement parks, and most importantly to take my nieces and nephews swimming at the end of a very busy and tiring day and still have the energy to swim a few laps. 

So, the answer to my question…well, maybe I didn’t follow everything exactly, but considering we only go on vacation once a year we should enjoy it while we can—just don’t go overboard! We can diet tomorrow!

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