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It’s the Little Things

Even when times are tough and you can’t find the silver lining, try making a list of the small things you are grateful for right now.

My friend Gerri from the gym has been going through a rough patch. Her continual conflicts with her boss had her ready to quit her job. Her boyfriend wasn’t as into their relationship as he used to be. And she was worried about her dad’s health. No wonder she was feeling kind of down.

Last night not even the endorphin rush from exercise could do much for her mood. After spin class, we plopped down on a bench in the locker room to rest, and she let out a big sigh. “I know things will work out eventually,” she said. “But I could really use a happiness boost right now.”

“There’s something I do when I need a pick-me-up,” I said, then hesitated. Gerri works with numbers and she’s extremely practical. “Maybe this is too touchy-feely for you, but think of five things you’re grateful for.”

“What can I be grateful for when the big things in my life are a mess?” Gerri moaned. “My job, my love life, my dad…”

“How about five little things, then?” I glanced around the locker room for ideas. “Like that yummy-smelling shower gel they have here.”

That coaxed a smile out of her. “And these fluffy towels,” Gerri said. “I’m glad I can use as many as I want and I don’t have to wash them.” Then she actually laughed. “Okay, I’m going to finish my list when I get home.”

I was inspired to make my own list of little things I’m grateful for right now:

* cold-brewed iced coffee
* sparkly orange nail polish (so cheerful on my toes!)
* my dog’s funny ears (check out the photo and you’ll see what I mean)
* the sweet and kicky taste of ripe watermelon with freshly cracked black pepper
* the mystery novel that’s waiting for me on my nightstand

What little things are you grateful for right now?

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