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When Life Is Hard

A devotion when life is hard: In my miniature version of Christ’s suffering, I can learn to be more like Him.

Devotion when life is hard, Christ on the cross, Guideposts

Some things in life are hard–beastly, horribly, terribly hard. Some things are so hard that we’d never dream of getting through through them if we had a choice. Deep grief, for example. Or seeing a child suffer deep and scarring wounds. Or caring for someone who’s debilitated and ungrateful and mean. It’s hard, hard, hard.

Recently it occurred to me that when I hear myself groaning about how hard something is, it would help to link it with something else that’s hard: the wood of the cross. This is hard… that was hard. This is difficult… that was difficult. This is painful… that was painful.

In my miniature version of Christ’s suffering, I have the chance to learn to be a bit more like Him. I have the opportunity to map my heart to His, to offer myself up in a smaller way for the glory of God.

It doesn’t make my task less hard. But it does make it beautiful.

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