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The Lost Glasses

I reached for my glasses and the case was empty. I couldn't believe they were lost! I needed an angel.

Glasses case

I couldn’t see without my glasses, so when I reached into my purse to swap my prescription sunglasses out for my regular glasses and found the case empty, my mouth went dry.

My husband, Peter, and I had been all over doing errands. They could be anywhere! We searched the van first with no luck. “Maybe they dropped out of the case at that last store?” I said. My good sport of a husband spun the wheel into a U-turn.

We rushed inside the store to check the lost and found. No glasses. Maybe someone turned them in at the security desk, I thought. But we received the same answer there. Dear Lord, please make my glasses appear. I do believe in miracles and I’m asking for one now.

“Let’s search the store again,” I said. I approached the young lady at the front desk. “Are you sure no one turned in my eyeglasses?”

She shook her head. “I’m so sorry.”

Guess I won’t be getting a miracle today, I thought. I passed some shopping carts on my way out the door. There was something in the bottom of one. My eyeglasses!

They dangled out of the bottom of a cart without a scratch on them. “They’re here!” I yelled. “I can’t believe it!”

I slid my glasses on and blinked. I could see everything clearly now, especially the power of prayer.

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