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Shrugging Off Fear

Once you embrace “Thy will be done,” all burdens become lighter.

Shrugging off fear and embracing God's will.

I went up to my alma mater this weekend to attend a planning session for my class’s college reunion. It was terrific to meet up with so many intelligent and engaging ladies (I went to a women’s college) and only slightly stunning to realize how much is now on my to-do list.

I have never thought of myself as a risk taker, but in the past decade I’ve agreed to take on projects, big projects, about which I know very little. I’ve organized large-scale community events, planned dinners for 200 on a shoestring budget and worn a headset backstage to “call” ballet performances.

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In my younger days I would have been paralyzed by fear over not-knowing-how. Now I’m merely slightly alarmed at the learning curve. I’ve finally figured out that the answer to my internal gasp of “But I don’t know how!” is a shrug and the addendum, “… and I can learn.”

Learning to shrug at discomfort has broadened my world considerably. It’s also increased my understanding of why God doesn’t always jump in to save me from seemingly challenging situations: He doesn’t need to.

He knows that if I shrug off the fact that I don’t want to carry a cross at all, my burdens feel dramatically lighter. It’s the “Thy will be done” effect, and it makes any task, even the hard ones, a lot easier.

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