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Eyes of the Beholder

An angelic art teacher helps a devoted mother recognize the inspiration in her son's drawings.

A boy paints at an easel.

Like any artist, my six-year-old son, Jimmy, could be insecure about his creations. I just wanted to boost his self-confidence.

“Great job!” I told him whenever Jimmy showed me one of his drawings. “You are a natural.”

Last summer I enrolled Jimmy in a “doodling workshop.” I hope the teacher will know just what to say, I thought as we pulled up at the center. I want Jimmy to feel proud of himself.

We got him settled at a table with a pencil and paper. The children were instructed to draw without lifting their pencils off the paper. Soon Jimmy was absorbed in his work.

“Okay, put your pencils down,” the teacher said. “Let’s look at what you’ve done.” She walked around to each child, holding up their doodles of animals and flowers and cars. I didn’t know what to expect when the teacher got to Jimmy. I held my breath. All I saw on his page was a whole mess of squiggles.

“Why, I see an angel!” the teacher told Jimmy. Jimmy beamed. I looked closer. She was right! I had been worried about my sensitive, talented artist, but divine inspiration had struck–both Jimmy and the teacher.


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