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A Time to Pass It Forward

How to take time for yourself and make healthy changes to your lifestyle.

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to a weight-loss group at the gym where I work out. It was so humbling to be able to share with them all that I have learned about proper nutrition and exercise. 

As I spoke to them I noticed many headshakes of understanding as they were able to relate to the struggles that all of us who are overweight experience.

For example, one thing we shared is that many of us understand what it takes to lose the weight, but often we feel that we aren’t capable of doing it or don’t have the time. We think it’s hopeless, and we are so wrapped up in our daily lives we believe we don’t have the ability to devote ourselves to the process. 

In addition, with so many hats to wear being an employee, wife, mother, among many other titles…we seem to lose ourselves. I reminded the group, however, that we must take time for ourselves in order to become healthier, and I was so glad to see that they were willing to take time out of their busy schedules and devote it to improving their health. 

Like many of those in the group, and maybe many of you, I also thought I never had the time to exercise or cook a healthy meal. I was always so busy being a teacher, wife, mother, chauffer, Awana leader, and the list goes on, that I left no time for myself to even enjoy a little free time much less time to exercise. Besides, where would I find the energy? 

I have come to realize, however, that after six months of eating healthy and exercising six days per week I have more energy than I ever thought possible, and I actually look forward to my time of exercising each day! 

As I continued to talk to the group I reminded them that nobody can make you become a healthier person, and there are no quick fixes. You have to want to do this for yourself, so that you can be a better mom, wife, employee, etc.

We also have to realize that this is for the rest of our lives, so we must make changes in our daily habits that are manageable and can last a lifetime. 

I believe that you will find, as I did, that your family will be very supportive and appreciative that you have taken this time for yourself, once they notice the many wonderful changes that occur. So, do this for yourself and do it for your family—you’ll never regret it!

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