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My Kind of Bird

A professional photographer in Australia documents his family’s love for an unlikely pet, Penguin the magpie.

Penguin the magpie with the photographer's son. Photo by Cameron Bloom.

Today’s guest blogger is Meg Belviso, staff editor at Guideposts.

A friend in Australia tweeted an article to me today. “I saw it and thought of you!” she said. Sometimes articles that come with that introduction can be a little embarrassing. But not this time.

All my friends know how much I love magpies–they’re my bird. This story was about a family who’d adopted one as a chick.

As a professional photographer, the family dad took a lot of pictures of Penguin at home with his sons–helping them (or not) brush their teeth, perching on their head, snuggling in bed.

Sometimes Penguin even brings home other magpie friends to meet the family. What beautiful pictures–you can just feel the love!

I think the Bloom family would agree that angel wings can definitely come in black and white.

One funny fact is that Penguin isn’t technically a magpie–at least not one of “mine.” Magpies in Europe and America are part of the corvid family, close relatives of crows, ravens and jays.

Australian magpies are related to Australia’s butcherbirds and currawongs. They’re named after their European counterparts because of their black and white plumage, but where the European magpies squawk, the Australian version warbles. I’m proud to consider both versions my favorite!


Check out the Bloom’s Instagram for yourself here. 

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