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When Your Pet Is Seriously Ill

4 tips that can help in a stressful situation

Kelly at the vet. Photo by Peggy Frezon.

A pet’s injury or illness can be stressful for everyone. You worry about pain and suffering. You wonder about prospects for the future. A million questions swim around in your mind.

When your pet is seriously ill, here are a few tips that can help:

1.   Stay Calm
When your pet is bleeding, vomiting, limping, or otherwise in distress, your first reaction may be to panic. Your pet, however, can sense your stress. Take a deep breath. Remaining calm will help keep your pet calm, too. Also, staying calm will allow you to clearly hear your veterinarian’s questions and instructions.

2.   Understand the Plan
Ask your pet’s veterinarian specific questions, and take notes or have your vet to write it down, if necessary. When I get home, I always make a chart with medications and dosages, and check them off as I go.

3.   Ask About Cheaper Options
No kidding, vet bills can be expensive…even insurmountable. Don’t be afraid to discuss which tests are critical, which can be delayed, and which may be optional. Ask your veterinarian to go over each option. Also, some medications are less expensive in an over-the-counter human version at the pharmacy–just but be sure to have your vet write down the proper dosage for your dog.

4.  Pray
Trust in the power of prayer for guidance for you, wisdom for your veterinarian and healing for your pet.

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