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New Year’s Resolution—Be More Like My Dogs

How does a dog’s life apply to your spiritual life? You’d be surprised! Or not.

This New Year, be more like a dog! Photo by Peggy Frezon.

If we’re smart, we can learn a lot from our dogs. Following their example, we can learn to play with gusto, eat heartily and nap often.

We can learn how to forgive others and love unconditionally. We can also discover lessons to apply to our spiritual lives.

Keep Daily Quiet Time
Kelly’s quiet time consists of stretching out before a patch of sunlight streaming in through the window, resting her head on her paws, and closing her eyes. I can see her muscles relax and her expression fill with contented peace.

Following her example, I curl up on my big green chair, relax my body, close my eyes and allow God to enter my mind. Allowing Him to direct my path fills me with contented peace.

Wait Faithfully
When we first got Ike, he used to cry whenever I left the house. I could hear his heart-wrenching whines, even outside in the driveway as I was climbing into the car. After a while, Ike began to trust that I’d always return. He stopped crying when I left.

Now he waits for me faithfully, in comfort that he will be okay while I’m gone.

We are never truly separated from God, but when times are tough and it seems like He is far away, I can trust that He is always there. If I wait faithfully, I will hear Him and feel His loving touch again.

Love Thy Neighbor
My dogs live for taking walks around the neighborhood. They think everyone they meet is their friend. I love the way Kelly approaches little children so gently. And how Ike wags and kisses anyone who will let him. Their open and accepting approach to people warms my heart.

Sometimes I find myself too busy with my own life to give attention to others. Or I make judgments about others’ interests and feelings. But if I act more like my dogs, I’ll greet others wholeheartedly without judgment or reservation.

Devour Enthusiastically
Kelly and Ike don’t pick at their food. They gobble it up heartily, wasting no time in consuming every last morsel.

God is the nourishment for my soul. I want to receive Him eagerly and joyfully, and be filled with the Bread of Life. Just like Kelly and Ike, I will not hunger or thirst!

Let’s learn from their relaxed, faithful, loving and enthusiastic nature, and be more like our dogs! Happy New Year!

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