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Does Spot Need School?

It’s back-to-school time! Here are five clues for determining if your pooch could use a lesson.

Peggy Frezon and pets

It’s back-to-school time. The pencil boxes are stocked and the textbooks gathered. The yellow bus is rounding the corner. Time to switch from relaxing poolside to studying compositions and logarithms. While all this learning is going on, maybe it’s time for a little refresher course for your dog, too!

You know your dog needs obedience school when…

1. You say “sit” and your dog jumps onto your favorite recliner.  
It’s comfy! Isn’t this where company sits? I’m certainly just as good as company!”

Your dog may not understand your words, but obedience lessons can help you communicate what is expected.

2. Your dog takes you on a walk…make that a 5K run.
Walking is for wimps. The faster the better! No matter if I’m dragging you along behind.”

I don’t expect Kelly to heel on walks all the time, but she does have to explore nicely at the end of the leash. You want walks to be safe and arm-strain free.

3. Your dog greets people like a defensive lineman stopping a first down.  
I just want those people to know I’m happy to see them.”

A few lessons on good manners will go a long way in ensuring those friends come back again.

4. You call your dog and she yawns and lays down for a nap.
You don’t mean now, do you?”

The “recall” is an important lesson for you and your dog to master. In some situations, it might mean her safety.

5. Your furniture legs look like they came from a beaver colony.  
A stick, the coffee table leg…what’s the difference?”

Obedience school might help preserve your furniture, and your sanity!

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