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Animal Angels: Good Guard Dog

A golden Lab comes to the rescue by going for help when his owner falls ill.

A golden Lab runs to get help when his owner falls ill.

“Shoo, Ginger, shoo!” I waved my hand. “Go back home!” The golden Lab wagged her tail and barked. She didn’t budge. Ginger belonged to my neighbor Janet, who was one of the busiest people I knew. Yoga, art classes, trips out of town—it had been days since I’d seen her. I looked hard at Ginger.

“Does Janet even know you snuck out?” I said. “Come on, girl. Let’s go check on your mommy.”

The door to Janet’s condo was open when I arrived. “Janet,” I called. “Are you all right?”

“In here,” a faint voice answered.

Janet was lying on the couch, looking pale and sweaty. I could see she was in real trouble. “I just got weaker and weaker,” she whispered. I called 911.

“It’s a good thing you found her,” the EMT on the scene said. “She’s dangerously dehydrated.”

When Janet recovered she explained that she’d tried to leave the house, but had been so dizzy she stumbled back to the couch, too foggy-headed to remember to shut the front door. That’s how a four-legged angel flew out and got help.

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