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A Miraculous Conversation

You won’t want to miss this video that proves the unexplainable power of love between man and his best friend.

A man with Alzheimer's and the family dog

Lisa Abeyta’s father is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. It’s difficult for him to communicate with his family. But talking to the family dog, Roscoe? That’s a different story.

“When my father and I arrived at my home yesterday to give my mom an hour to run some errands, Roscoe greeted him at the door,” Lisa wrote on her blog last week.

“For the next hour, my father petted and talked to Roscoe. Not wanting to lose the memory of the moment, I filmed a few moments of his interaction with our dog, amazed at the clarity of my father’s words.”

Check out the video below to witness this amazing moment in one family’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.





A truly miraculous conversation that shows the unexplainable power of love–whether it’s between man and his best friend or parent and child. It’s a force like no other, one that can break through even the darkest of diseases.

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