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The Battle of the Box

A battle of epic proportions has erupted…in my living room. Check out what my cats are up to now…

Pets: Cat in a box

A battle of epic proportions has erupted…in my living room. For the past three days, Catillac and Pearl have been fighting—sometimes with yowling and swatting, sometimes with hours of silent glaring. The subject of their massive disagreement? This cardboard box that I was taking to the recycling bin, and (stupidly) set down by the door.

Within two seconds of the box hitting the floor, Pearl had hopped into it. Pearl, like a lot of kitties, has a crazy fascination with boxes and must immediately test any new ones that enter the home. Christmas, or any other gift-intensive occasion, causes her to go into frantic sensory overload. So many boxes! Must try out all the boxes! Get that bubble wrap outta there and gimme that box!

From across the room, Catillac observed Pearl, without much interest. Meh.

Which is why I was stunned when, a couple hours later, I walked in to find Catillac seated in the box, looking triumphant. And there was Pearl, sitting a few feet away. Ousted.

I tried to explain that they could share the box—it is quite large, more than enough room for two. But Pearl leaped out when I set her in there next to Catillac. Clearly cats are not into sharing, at least not when it’s their stuff. They’re adamant about sharing your stuff—your bed, your lap, your Buffalo Wild Wings order. But their stuff? No sharing.

“You know you’re only in this box because it bothers Pearl,” I told Catillac.


I must be out of my mind, I realized. I’m trying to reason with a cat!

So, I let the battle rage on. Catillac is winning as far as total time spent in the box, but Pearl is definitely on top when it comes to angry, disapproving facial expressions. I think I’ve gotten hooked on the drama of it all, which…well, clearly means I need to get out more.

I suppose I could end the war at any time. Should I just toss that box and settle their argument for good?


—Allison Ruffing

(Photo: Pearl (above), looking displeased about the cardboard box takeover)

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