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Playful Banter

This tabby cat and husky play together every evening.

There’s nothing like being greeted at the door with a big meow from my cat, Guinness, or the other attention-getting tactics he has perfected over the years. My cat’s soothing affection is one of many characteristics that I love about him. He also has the ability to make me laugh.  

Nearly every night around 8 o’clock my husband and I witness the chaotic rush of noise as my Tabby cat terrorizes our 50-lb. Husky. That’s right—my cat loves to bully my dog who is five times his size!

And even though the chasing, swatting and reciprocal pouncing often leads to something getting knocked over, we can’t help but hysterically laugh at the playful banter. Frankly, they love it—and so do we. 

I think Guinness considers himself the man of the house (don’t tell my husband) and has no problem putting you in your place. He’ll courageously puff out his chest as if to say “bring it” with a glint of sassiness in his eyes. If you are really acting out of sorts, he’ll swipe you with the paw as a warning.

Sometimes the playfulness turns a little vicious depending on my cat’s mood. So I’ll interject a sense of authority to say, “Guinness, be nice…” and suddenly my cat will flash me a look with his big bright eyes as if to say “fine” and then proceed to brush his tail across the dog’s face as a final farewell…until next time. 
Even though this entertaining ritual happens nearly every night, they never seem to get tired of each other. They are playmates for life and I’m thankful for that.

But it makes me wonder—what do they do when we’re not home?

                                                                            —Melissa Walder, guest blogger

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