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Answer-Your-Cat’s-Question Day

A chance for felines and their humans to understand each other a little better!

Lucky the cat. Photo by Paris Permenter and John Bigley, Cat Tipper.

I love cats, but I have to admit, I don’t fully understand them. Maybe they don’t understand me, either. Well, luckily, today is a special day set aside for felines and humans to understand each other a little better.

Here are some cats' questions and answers from pet parents and popular pet bloggers:


Lucky the cat. Photo by Paris Permenter and John Bigley, Cat Tipper. 1.  Question from Lucky:  Why would people call kittens like me “unwanted” and leave us at a kill shelter?

Answer from Paris Permenter and John Bigley, bloggers at Cat Tipper:  Lucky, you were left at a shelter at just 3 months old because many people don't understand just how special and unique each little kitten is. They don't realize that kittens feel abandonment and fear when taken from the only home they have ever known.

But it is equally important for you to know that many people worked to find you a forever home. You traveled through two shelter systems in two cities, and people along the journey worked to treat a homeless kitten with a respiratory infection, photograph you, publicize you through online channels and, finally, find you a family to call your own.


2.  Question from Brian:  I’ve not been feeling that well, and my sisters want to lie all around me and that makes me nervous. Why are they doing that?

Answer from Terry, blogger at Brian’s Home:  I know it’s tough being the only boy cat and having six sister cats can be a challenge. I know you remember what happened a little over a year ago. 

Your sister Gracie was terribly ill and had pneumonia in both lungs. That’s a tough thing for a kitty with asthma. Gracie had to spend 10 days in the hospital, and your Mom and I were terribly worried and so afraid for her.

Your mom and I prayed almost non-stop for her to be okay. I remember what you and your sisters did. You all gathered around us to comfort us. We also asked all of our friends and all of your blogging friends to pray for Gracie too.

Then, if you’ll remember, we got that call in the middle of the night, and they told us Gracie probably wouldn’t make it until morning. Mom and I prayed as hard as we could pray, and again all of you surrounded us with your love.

Gracie made it through the night and got stronger every day, and she came back to us. There is often comfort and familiarity in groups with common needs and beliefs. 

Those days were very tough, and our faith and the faith of our friends gave your Mom and I much needed comfort. We really felt that things would be alright. You see, Brian, your sisters know you have not been feeling your best, so they want to surround you with love and comfort as well. 

You need to have faith, Brian, that the ones that love you the most are not only there for you in your time of need but are always there for you whether you realize it or not.


3.  Question from 10-year-old Mimi and 5-year-old Smoochie:  Where's dinner? 

Answer from Anne Simpkinson:  It's only 2 in the afternoon!


4. Question from Maine Coon cat Magellan (while gazing longingly out the window): Why am I an indoor cat? 

Answer from Ramona, blogger at Create with Joy: Magellan, you are the apple of my eye, a sweet angel sent from heaven above. I love you. Because I cherish you, I want to spend as many moments with you as possible.

When you came into our home, I promised to do everything within my power to ensure that you live a long and healthy life. One of the most important ways I keep this promise is by providing you with a safe environment in a loving home.

Did you know that by keeping you indoors, your life expectancy increases significantly? Research shows that the average lifespan for outdoor only cats is approximately 1 year. Indoor-outdoor cats, on average, live for 3 to 6 years. By contrast, indoor cats have an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years!

As you can see, Magellan, living indoors is an act of love. May you be a part of our family for many years to come!


5.  Question from Allegra and Ruby: Why do you spend so much time in front of that screen you stare at all day long?

Answer from Ingrid King, at The Conscious Cat: That’s how Mom makes her living, and that’s how I pay for your food! Thankfully, the two of you make sure that I take breaks.

Those walks across the keyboard are a very effective way to get me to stop working. I’m grateful that the two of you take care of my mental health by making sure that I unplug more.


6.  Anne Simpkinson would like to add a question of her own, to her cats: Why don't you do what I want you to do?

Answer from Mimi and Smoochie:  Cats should be seen but not herded.  

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