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Alone Together

How this feline lesson in sharing made her realize that they are more similar to humans than we think.

Cats have a lot to teach us about how to get along with each other. 

They intuitively know that solitude has to be balanced with close snuggly time!

Each of my cats has its own space in the apartment. Mimi frequents the top of the TV cabinet and the small table in the foyer. If Lubya is ever chasing her, she heads for these two home-free zones where she’s untouchable.

She also has a chair that she loves, probably because the pillow she curls up on has tuxedo cat faces just like hers! 

Lubya, on the other hand, likes to hang out on one or the other of the arms of the sofa and the back of an over-stuffed armchair in the bedroom.  He also adores “hiding” behind the toilet. 

But they share some spaces too. Sometimes I’ll come into a room and discover them huddled together, cuddling up. 

Lubya often stretches his body out to its max. And if Mimi happens to be around, well…check out the picture! 

When a colleague gave me a basket, Lubya immediately appropriated it but then decided it was okay to share it with Mimi.

But he doesn’t always like sharing. One night this past week, I was on sitting on the couch. It was a sweet time. Mimi was stretched out on my legs; Lubya was lying on the back of the couch near me. But then my leg fell asleep. I picked Mimi up and held her in my arms, rubbing her neck and head absently. 

When Lubya opened his eyes and saw what I was doing, he gave her the meanest look I have every seen from him. He kept his jealous, evil green-eyed stare on her until, tired of my lap, she jumped down…then he took after her like a shot. There was loud hissing and spitting and general chaos. Mimi leapt onto the foyer table. Lubya stalked away.

Geesh. Maybe cats are more like us than we care to admit to.

                                               —Anne Simpkinson

Do your cats share? We’d love to know about them! Send us an email at lovedemcats@guideposts.org.

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