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5 Pet-Friendly Getaway Tips

Tips and advice on how to travel with your pet—and give them a vacation, too!

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According to a survey released by AAA and Best Western International, more than 75% of pet owners want to take the family pet with them on vacation. If your destination is a campground or relative’s house, that may work out. If you’re heading to the city or to a crowded tourist spot, however, is there a way to take your dog (or cat, rabbit, guppies…) too?

Well, now there’s good news. Many organizations and businesses agree that pets are part of the family. Traveling with your furry friends is now easier than ever. Here are some tips for happy vacationing for you and your pet.

1. Pick the right place to stay.
Find thousands of pet friendly campgrounds, RV parks, hotels and B&Bs with websites such as GoPetFriendly and PetsWelcome. Be sure to find out about the hotel’s specific policies. According to GoPetFriendly, some hotels don’t welcome large dogs.

2. Accessorize for safe travel.
Be sure you have a regulation carrier when traveling by plane. In the car, consider a crate, harness, doggy car seat or barrier to keep your pet safe (and off the driver’s lap!)

3. Keep your cool—and your pet’s too.
When parking the car, find a shady spot, open the windows, and never leave your pets unattended. If you have a pet in a crate, use a small, battery operated fan to help cool the air. Keep water on hand at all times. We use a small collapsible travel bowl, but there are many other varieties of travel dishes and water supplies available online or at pet stores.

4. Plan in some activities for your pet.
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring your pet everywhere (I’m thinking of that five-star restaurant!) Be sure to schedule other activities for your four-legged partner. GoPetFriendly lists pet-friendly beaches, off-leash dog parks, wineries and cafes.

5. Prepare for emergencies.
The key to a successful vacation is being prepared. Outfit your pets with collars and ID tags. Pack a doggy or kitty diaper bag with small plastic bags and paper towels for accidents, bowls, treats, water, and toys. Include a basic first aid kit and learn the location of the nearest emergency veterinarian. Bring along their bed, too, if space allows.

Happy vacation!

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