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Faith, Grandkids and Cupcakes

Finding God's fingerprints in everyday life

Michelle Cox with husband and grandchildren

I knew I’d achieved my dream job when Guideposts asked me to write blog posts about my grandchildren. Oh, yay!

Michelle Cox with her husband the whole crew of grandkids

I look forward to spending each Tuesday and Thursday with y’all at my “Life with a Southern Grandmother” column where we’ll talk about my adorable grandbabies, life in the South, my adventures with God, family recipes and finding God’s fingerprints in everyday life.

The topic of cupcakes will also appear from time to time.

Since we haven’t met yet, let me tell y’all a little about me. I live in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina with my favorite husband, Paul. Yes, even after 40 years of marriage, he’s still my favorite out of all the husbands in the world.

Our oldest and youngest sons are in ministry and our middle son teaches and oversees the labs at a college in Florida. We have three sweet daughters-in-law who were the answers to our prayers for our sons.

Most importantly, we have six precious grandbabies, Anna (5), Jack (4), Ava (3), the twins Eden and Ethan (2), and baby Nolan who’s reached the ripe old age of four months. There’s never a dull–or quiet–moment when we’re all together. We love it! They provide fodder for some great stories.

I had no intentions of becoming a writer, but God had other plans. I’ve written seven books, do a weekly food column, write movie reviews and interviews, write articles for two national magazines, and I’ve spent the past few years working on a project that is my passion.       

I’m developing the Just 18 Summers® brand of parenting products and resources–to remind parents that we have just 18 summers with our children before they leave home–to slow down and make the most of those precious moments.

The Just 18 Summers novel released this spring. We have a syndicated parenting blog with a staff of 18 writers, we’re working on a documentary and movie, and we have other exciting plans in the works.   

So now you know about me. I look forward to getting to know all of you in the months ahead. Please invite your family and friends to join us each week. The welcome mat is always out!

You can learn more about me (and my parenting blog) at www.just18summers.com, and you can find me on Twitter and Facebook

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