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White-Glove Service

This UPS delivery man had a little touch of Cupid to him.

A UPS man makes his delivery

Everyone in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York, knew Terry Spiers. As a UPS employee for 28 years, he’d delivered packages to every family in the neighborhood, but now he wanted to deliver something else—love.

Regina Simon worked for a nonprofit that was on Terry’s route. She told him about her 21-year-old daughter, Chana, who was single.

Terry wondered if she’d hit it off with Zev Goldin, a 25-year-old who worked in real estate and lived only blocks away from Chana’s mom’s office.

“Initially, we didn’t take it very seriously,” Zev says about the first time Terry told him and his family about Chana. But Terry kept mentioning her. At last the young couple met. “By the second date I knew,” says Zev.

Chana and Zev are now husband and wife, thanks to a UPS driver who moonlighted as a matchmaker.

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