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The Love Locks

A lonely widow, longing for a love to match the one she shared with her late husband, benefits from angelic matchmaking.

Beth Hughes and her husband, Walt

Low tide in Puget Sound. I sat on the blue memorial bench I’d bought in honor of my husband, Howard, a real lover of the sea.

We used to walk up and down the docks at the marina. We climbed aboard yachts at the boat show and watched boats go from freshwater to saltwater at the locks. We even lived aboard our own blue water cruiser while sailing north to the San Juan Islands.

I was only 43. Would God put that kind of love in my life again?

One day I sat on the bench for longer than usual. The sound of the waves was comforting. Finally I headed to my car.

My mind was so full of memories, I missed the turn to my house. As I approached the locks a commanding voice said, “Stop at the locks!”

I pulled in and parked. In the crowd of onlookers, I noticed two men talking. One resembled Howard. I walked over and we struck up a conversation.

He introduced himself. Walt and I kept talking long after the other man left. He asked me out and I said yes.

Six months later, we were married in Maui. I still visit my blue bench. But Walt now sits with me.


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