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10 Tips for a Lasting Marriage

Here’s how to avoid “I do” from becoming “I don’t” with 10 tips for making a marriage last.

My newsfeed on Facebook this week has been filled with images of beautiful weddings–new husbands and wives. Gorgeous brides are clad in lacy bridal gowns, handsome grooms sport tuxes (and sometimes cowboy boots), and receptions look like settings for fairy-tales.

It’s beautiful to see young love in bloom, to see excitement and dreams for the future in the eyes of the bridal couple. But to me, it’s even more beautiful to see old love in bloom—the couples who’ve withstood the test of time, the ones who’ve truly lived their wedding vows, and have come to their golden years still in love and still holding hands.

So how does one accomplish that? I’ve been thinking about that a lot this week because in addition to all the happy wedding updates, my week also has been filled with news of couples who are calling it quits, men and women who stood before God and their family and friends pledging “till death do us part.”

I’m troubled by how many lives are destroyed in the aftermath of divorce and affairs, and especially for the children whose lives and security are shattered when their parents split up. It’s not worth it, folks! So here are a few thoughts God put on my heart this morning. –Michelle Cox

Vow to make your marriage last. Tips for husbands and wives.

1 of 10 Make a Commitment

Vow that your marriage is going to stay together, that you’re going to love each other, that you’re going to work to make your marriage a good one—and that failure is not an option.

Pray together. Tips for husbands and wives.

2 of 10 Pray Together

Put God first. Attend church together. Read your Bible and pray together. It’s the best super glue in the world.

A royal marriage. Tips for husbands and wives.

3 of 10 Make It a Royal Marriage

Treat him like a king. Treat her like a queen. It’s hard not to love someone who loves you like that.

Focus on each other. Tips for husbands and wives.

4 of 10 Focus on Each Other

Go on dates (yeah, even after you’re married) to keep the lines of communication open. It’s important to break away from the usual daily routines of chores and housekeeping. 

Expect tough times. Tips for husbands and wives.

5 of 10 Expect Tough Times

Understand that hard times will come. Weather the storms together.

Look for the good in each other. Tips for husbands and wives.

6 of 10 Express Praise and Appreciation

Quit looking at your spouse’s flaws and start focusing on his or her good points. And then tell them what you love and appreciate about them.

Be kind to your spouse. Tips for husbands and wives.

7 of 10 Cultivate Kindness

Never say anything negative about your spouse. Those thoughts can take root in your mind. It’s not a habit you want to cultivate.

Offer hugs and kisses to your spouse. Tips for husbands and wives.

8 of 10 Be Free with Hugs and Kisses

Show physical affection every day. Say the words “I love you” out loud and often.

Make peace with your partner. Tips for husbands and wives.

9 of 10 Don't Comparison Shop

Quit looking over the fence and thinking that the grass is greener on the other side—because usually when you get there, all you discover is a bigger pile of weeds than what you had before. 

Protect God's gift of your marriage. Tips for husbands and wives.

10 of 10 Protect God's Gift–Your Marriage

Ask God to bless your love for a lifetime—and then do all you can to protect and nurture His priceless gift.

Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate. (Mark 10: 9)

What’s help to keep your marriage strong? Please share with us below!


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