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They Wooed Her with Chocolates

She had to choose between Mr. Fun and Mr. Responsible. Would she make the right choice?

A single chocolate alongside a big heart-shaped box of candy

Back in my college days I had two very attentive suitors, and they couldn’t have been more different. One was all about fun—he had lots of money and loved to spend it, not just on himself but on me and his friends as well. He didn’t give a thought to the future, living every day in the moment.

The other young man was very responsible—always studying hard and saving up what little money he earned working his way through school.

It was Mr. Fun who gave me an ultimatum: “You have to choose between us,” he told me one night as he dropped me off at my dorm in his fancy sports car. “It’s me or the other gentleman.”

On Valentine’s Eve Mr. Fun gave me the largest heart-shaped box of candy I’d seen in my life. He fell on one knee in as elaborate a presentation as the red velvet gift itself. “From your liege!” he announced dramatically.

Who could possibly top that performance?

The next day, Mr. Responsible escorted me to a secluded nook at the library, and opened the smallest heart-shaped box of candy I’d ever seen. He carefully picked out a single piece of chocolate and handed it to me with a timid grin. “This comes from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

Topped! Two sons and six grandchildren later, I know I made the perfect choice—the responsible choice, from the bottom of my heart.

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