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A Road Map of Our Lives

Years from now, what will the lines in your face reveal about you?

Elderly woman's face. Photo by Pixland, Thinkstock.

I like wrinkles. Maybe I should clarify that. I like wrinkles on other people.

I love people-watching, and I’ve always been intrigued by the thought that our faces are like road maps of our lives. You can look at some people and see that they’ve been on rough roads. Sometimes there are the tell-tale facial lines that show they’ve frowned a lot or been mean.

The faces I love best, though, are the ones where the lines have settled in, and you can tell immediately that the person has traveled down the road of life with the sweetness of Jesus.

I was thinking earlier today about some of those sweet folks who have touched my life. Macie Bailey was one of them. She was a dear older lady from my church. Her gift was hospitality and she dispensed it at every church service. 

One of our teens dubbed her “the #1 communicable disease at Trinity Baptist” because–even though our congregation was large–it seemed like she hugged every person who was there.

I enjoyed watching as unsuspecting visitors walked into our church. It didn’t matter who they were, she welcomed all of them. I’ve seen big burly men swept into bear hugs from Mrs. Macie, followed by her classic statement, “I love you’uns.”

The first expression on their faces was usually a startled one, but then as they walked on to their seats, I never once saw a face that didn’t have a smile on it.

Mrs. Macie is home with Jesus now, and I sure do miss those hugs from that precious lady. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to discover someday that she now heads up the heavenly welcome committee.

Could you be the Mrs. Macie for your church? What an amazing gift to make folks feel welcome at the house of God.

Bill and Betty Fletcher have also touched my life. They are an adorable couple with beautiful white hair.  Even though they have great-grandchildren now, they’re still sweethearts. They’ve spent a lot of time with Jesus through the years, and it’s reflected in their faces.

They’ve volunteered countless hours at our church. Betty spoiled the babies in the nursery, and they both worked in the welcome center in the lobby for many years.

I love to watch Bill worship at church. Sometimes I can look at the expression on his face and see that he’s in another world, with just him and Jesus. It moves me to tears.   

But what touches my heart so much about Bill is that he’s a prayer warrior. My cell phone rings on many occasions and it’s Bill. “I’m calling to check on Paul to see how his knee is doing.” Or he’ll leave a message, “I just called to tell you I’m praying for you.”

Sometimes I’ll run into Betty at church and she’ll say, “Bill said to tell you that he’s praying for you.” What a precious, precious gift.

Could you be the Bill and Betty at your church? Could you be the example for young couples of what true love is? Could you keep the babies in the nursery so young moms and dads could sit in the service?

Could you live so close to God that the worship would seep out of you and splash onto others?

Could you be the faithful one that your pastor can count on each week? Could you be the one who prays for and encourages others?

I’m so grateful these precious folks have been part of my life. And that brings to mind a question for all of us to think about: Someday when folks look at the road map of life that’s etched on our faces, what will they see? Will they discover sweetness that will lead them to Jesus?

That’s something for all of us to think about today.        

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. (Col. 3:17)

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