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7 Ways Women Are Great Friends to Each Other

How women help each other through life.


I’m grateful to have numerous, awesome women in my life. They make my life better in so many ways. What would we women do without our girlfriends? The world would be a sad place without them. So why are girlfriends so special? 

1.  Girlfriends give wise counsel. Sometimes it’s hard to say the truth—and sometimes it’s not easy to hear it—but when done in love, it’s an amazing gift. 

2.  They supply companionship, and they’re someone to talk to about whatever is going on in our lives. Even the goofy stuff.

3.  Girlfriends provide laughter. Is there anything better than laughing until tears are streaming down your cheeks with someone who shares your sense of humor?

4.  Girlfriends give encouragement during hard times—when we need a champion and when we just need to hear the words, “It’s going to be okay.”

5.  For those of us who are fashion and hairstyle-impaired, girlfriends can give us sage advice that gives us confidence and keeps us from major fashion flubs. But even so, they love us just the way we are.

6.  Girlfriends are there when we need them, no hesitation. I’ll never forget the sweet friends who brought dinner and spent the evening with me for weeks while I was in the hospital after a car wreck. Precious medicine indeed. 

8.  The best girlfriends will encourage us in our faith and inspire us to become the women that God desires us to be. And they’ll pray us through all the moments of our lives.

I want to be that kind of girlfriend to my friends. I want to be the older woman who will mentor the younger, who will provide an example of how God wants us to treat others. And I’ve been blessed beyond words with friends who taught me exactly how to do that.

Do you have some special girlfriends? Today would be a great time to write them a note or to call them and say how blessed you are to have them in your life. And it would be the perfect opportunity for all of us to thank God for the gift of friends who will walk through life with us. 

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