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The Most Important Job in the World

God was right, though. Motherhood is full of triumph and tragedy. But it’s the most rewarding job I could ever have hoped for.  

Patti and her son, Noah

Mother’s Day is this weekend, so today’s blog post is about the most important job in the world motherhood, of course!

Patti Stone Sells knows a thing or two about that. She’s held many jobs over the years, from modeling to real estate. Nothing has been more rewarding than being a mom to her three sons, Tanner, Dillon and Noah.

But motherhood didn’t always come easy to Patti. In fact, after her second son was born, she questioned God’s plan for her life. Until she received a very mysterious message while she was folding laundry.

Here’s her story:

It was a hot, sticky summer day in Texas and I was surrounded by laundry. Loads of baby clothes all over the floor. I folded a towel, tears streaming down my face. My newborn Dillon, just a few weeks old, was sleeping peacefully beside me. My 4-year-old Tanner was watching Ninja Turtles from the floor, laughing at the TV screen.

Patti's son, Tanner.Meanwhile I was exhausted. Dark circles under my eyes, hair a mess, clothes stained with spit-up. I loved my baby boys more than anything. But this wasn’t the life I’d pictured for myself.

I was only 27 years old. Once upon a time, I’d had dreams. I’d wanted to become a journalist and a photographer. Not some sleep-deprived, stay-at-home mom who spent her days changing diapers and crying on the living room floor.

I kept on folding…and the tears kept coming. What about my hopes and dreams? What about the future I wanted? God, what am I doing here?!

And then I heard it. A booming voice, clear as day.

This is the most important job in the world.”

I nearly dropped the towel I was folding. I looked all around me, but there was no one there. The voice hadn’t come from the TV. Had I imagined it? 

I continued folding. A little spooked, but oddly calm. The most important job in the world… I’d never thought about motherhood quite like that. I tossed the laundry aside, scooped Tanner up in my arms and hugged him tight.

From that day on, I made motherhood my top priority. Even when I returned to the workforce as a writer and photographer. No matter what I was doing, I ended my work day at 3:30 p.m. so I could pick the kids up after school.


Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games raising boys, especially after I gave birth to my third son, Noah. I spent many days in the car, driving back and forth from football practice to baseball to soccer to power lifting to paintball. And the laundry. Oh, the laundry.

Still, it’s given me great joy to watch my sons become kind, courageous young men. Noah is about to enter high school. And Tanner and Dillon both went on to serve in the U.S. army in the 1/75th Ranger Regiment. In 2012, Tanner was killed in action in Afghanistan.

Our family has been through a lot of pain and heartache these past few years. God was right, though. Motherhood is full of triumph and tragedy. But it’s the most rewarding job I could ever have hoped for.  

To read more about Patti’s son Tanner, visit the Tanner Higgins Military Memorial fund here.

Plus, don’t forget to share your own motherhood miracles below. 

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