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Be a Source of Hope, Not Hurt

Why it’s important to avoid spiritually destructive habits like gossip and discrimination.

Be a light to others, not a source of hurt

There is no acronym that strikes more fear in anyone who has a loved one deployed in the military than IED– improvised explosive devices. These dangerous weapons are hidden, unstable and designed to cause the most amount of collateral damage to our troops as possible.

Their widespread use isn’t limited to the Middle East, although that’s where the term was coined. And their purpose isn’t only to target enemies but to also endanger civilians. It is a truly terrible way to wage war.

It occurs to me, though, that there’s another form of IED—this one spiritual. We, too, must be mindful of possible dangers as we walk through our daily lives and aware of the ones that come in the form of self-sabotage.

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Spiritual destruction takes hold when we gossip or criticize or even discriminate against others. These habits can hurt a few people or many. And just as the military takes steps to ferret out these hidden dangers, we too must be diligent. It’s important that we remain ever watchful, that we walk more closely with God and be a light to those who so desperately need hope.

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