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10 Reasons to Love Our Military

On Valentine’s Day, ways we love those who serve in the military.

Celebrating camo green on Valentine's Day

This is the month of love. Everywhere we turn we see hearts, cupids and candy. Instead of focusing on the normal pink and red, I’d like to insert a bit of military camo green. As the mom of a service member, there’s a lot to love about our men and women in uniform:

1.  They have the coolest gadgets. From camo bags to special flashlights and even MREs (meals ready to eat), they’re always in the know when it comes to the best outdoor equipment.

2.  They understand the meaning of patriotism. They’re the first to thank a veteran, salute a flag and stand up for this great country.

3.  They’re always up for physical fun. Whether it’s a short run with a friend or hiking with the family, they’re never at a loss for something to do outside.

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4.  They’ve learned the value of relationships. Our military members live with the knowledge that they may be called on to defend our country at any time. This gives them a unique perspective on what’s truly important.

5.  They know the truth that we’re all stronger than we think. For any of us with military connections, we’ve watched our loved ones struggle through difficult times. Our son was able to achieve more, endure more and accomplish more than he ever imagined.

6.  They are willing to serve when needed. Each one of our military members has answered the call to serve. They’ve stepped up and agreed to stand between our country and chaos.

7.  They know more acronyms than anyone else. If there’s one thing the military is good at, it’s calling something by its initials. (Here are some examples.)

8.  They know how to stick with a commitment and never give up. I think there are very few who join the military who know how hard that time of duty will be. Yet they stick with it. They do the difficult jobs, the boring jobs, the terrifying jobs, so we don’t have to.

9.  They make our prayer life strong and more consistent. When we have a loved one serving we’re also doing battle—on our knees. I learned the power and the peace of prayer while our son was serving.

10. They remind us that war has a face. When we love someone who’s serving, we know the ultimate price of going to war and the more we remember that, the less likely we are to engage in unnecessary conflicts.

If you know someone serving in the military, what would you add to the list?

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