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11 Fun Activities for Building Stronger Families

We asked our readers what they like to do—from outdoor activities to day trips and board games—to strengthen familial bonds. Here are some of the responses.

We asked Guideposts readers what they like to do to strengthen family bonds. From outdoor activities to day trips and board games, here are some of the responses you shared.

What is your favorite fun thing to do with your family? Share what we missed in the comments.

Every member of the family reaches for a slice of pizza

1 of 11 Pizza Night

“When our kids were little, our favorite thing was movie-pizza-board game night on Fridays. They still talk about it.”—Susan M.


A family on a road trip gazes out to the horizon

2 of 11 Road Trips

“We like to pile in the car for road and day trips!”—Tammy S.

A young girl stirs the pot while her mother instructs her

3 of 11 Cooking Together

“We like to visit, talk and laugh while we cook food, then sit together and eat.”—Mary Beth C.

A mother and son sit on a beach at sunset and gaze at a lighthouse

4 of 11 Visiting Lighthouses

“We enoy visiting lighthouses. We have done the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey twice.”—Almira C.

A family toasts marshmallows around a roaring campfire.

5 of 11 Camping

“We get away from technology and spend time hiking or by the campfire.”—Rachel B.

A family bows its heads in prayer in church

6 of 11 Attending Church

“We attend church every Sunday; that is the most beautiful family thing we like to do together!”—Romamae B.

A grandfather teaches his grandson about grilling outdoors while the family looks on

7 of 11 Cook-outs

“We love cooking out and watching movies!”—Vicky Karlene C.

A family relaxes on the couch watching television together

8 of 11 Watching Television

“We like watching Wheel of Fortune together.” —Roxy L.

A smiling family is gathered around a board game

9 of 11 Board Games

“We enjoy playing Monopoly.” —Libby C.

A Pokémon Go display screen on a smart phone

10 of 11 Pokémon Go

“We get a kick out of playing Pokémon Go with the kids.”—Holly Dawn S.

Two young girls lead their family along a hiking path in the woods

11 of 11 Hiking Trips

“Our family likes to take hikes together.”—Kelly O.

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