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Summer Treats—Fun, Delicious Alternatives to S’mores

Tasty alternatives to a campfire classic

Summer Campfire

Every time I hear the word “s’more,” I flash back to the delight I felt as a child when I first got the joke. I want some-more….s’more! 

These classic campfire treats start with a roasted marshmallow—toasty on the outside, gloriously melty on the inside—sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker just long enough to soften a square of milk chocolate that finishes off the crispy-warm-sweet trifecta.

Today, though, I’m not here to sing the praises of the s’more. I’m here to offer, ahem, some more campfire treat ideas for you to try this summer. These are great for a change of pace, or for the strange-but-true reality that some people simply don’t enjoy s’mores.

Banana Boats
These treats are fabulously versatile—and they don’t require you to be bent over the fire looking worriedly as your marshmallow threatens to burst into flames. To make these confections, slice a banana in half lengthwise with its skin still on. Stuff your favorite toppings onto the banana (ideas: chocolate hazelnut spread and strawberries; canned peaches and shredded coconut; marshmallow fluff and walnuts). Then wrap the “boats” in aluminum foil or foil lined with parchment paper. You can place your packages along the edge of your campfire if it’s safe to do so, or warm them up on a grate directly over the fire. Just a few minutes later, use tongs or fire gloves to pull your boats to safety, wait a moment for them to cool, then unwrap and tuck in!

Baked Apples
You don’t need to wait for fall to savor the sweet, soft, fragrant deliciousness of a baked apple. Simply cut the core out of a sturdy apple like a Granny Smith (avoid Macintosh or other “saucing” apple varieties). Tuck in some brown sugar, cinnamon and top with a nob of butter. Wrap the apple tightly in heavy-duty foil and cook for 10-15 minutes in the hot coals of a campfire. Be sure to let the hot sugar cool a bit before handling (and eating) your creation.

S’more Similarities
You can switch up your s’more game without straying from the classic formula of crisp cookie, melty marshmallow and saucy sweet ingredient. Try jam or citrus curd instead of chocolate for a flavor punch. Or go for a sweet-savory mix with crumbled bacon and peanut butter. Any stable cookie will do, if graham crackers aren’t your favorite. Your only limit is your imagination!

What are your favorite campfire desserts?

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