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A Ham’s Impact

J. Stephen Lang’s Know the Words of Jesus in 30 Days changed her life.

Right now, I’m working on the ham. Or at least, that’s what I call it. The ham is really 500-plus pages of really wonderful writings and insights about Jesus. It’s a sequel to our popular book Know the Bible in 30 Days by bestselling author J. Stephen Lang (this one’s called Know the Words of Jesus in 30 Days).

I couldn’t believe the size of it when it came in—five hundred book pages is different than five hundred manuscript pages—and it was well on its way to one thousand manuscript pages. Sitting on my desk earlier this fall, I bemoaned its heft by muttering to myself, “This manuscript is as big as a…HAM!” And a nickname was born.

I don’t think I realized just how much I would fall in love with the ham, over time. Of course I enjoyed Stephen’s last book, the prequel, and knew this one would be just as delightful. (He’s a first-rate writer and has a wonderful sense of humor.) But I didn’t realize how much it would touch me spiritually and emotionally, or just how powerfully he would paint the picture of Jesus, the man and Savior.

As I was editing this, I would have goosebump moments. Moments when the Sunday School image (that I admit I still rely on) of the one-dimensional, felt-board Jesus would be torn away, and I would see a peek of the real Jesus, the actual man who said harsh and true things, who challenged even righteous people, and whose compassion astounds me. Moments that changed me.

Rebecca Maker


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