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How Are You Wired?

Thoughts about all God’s creatures, and how they are made.

A wary chipmunk in the State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Chipmunks are abundant in the Shade Garden at the State Botanical Garden in Athens, Georgia. The best place to find them is among the large rocks in the dry creek bed.

I love chipmunks and photographing them! They have the cutest disposition. I find them scurrying around looking for something to eat, but once they spot me, they freeze.  It is not their fault they are wired that way–they’re just trying to not be detected from their prey.

I‘m just there to photograph them, but no one has informed them. 

Once I spot a chipmunk, I sit down on the rocks and wait for them to come back out of hiding. It is a waiting game, but the photographs I get are worth the wait.

It is neat to think about the animals God created and the many different characteristics and behaviors they display. It’s amazing actually.

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