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A New Hobby for 2015

Crowd-sourcing ideas for a new hobby turns up a very hip one!

Suggestions for Diana's hobbies for 2015.

What are your New Year’s resolutions this year?

One of mine is to do a better job of leaving things up to God–to be more open to all the wonder He has in store for me. So, I decided to take on a new hobby in 2015…only I wouldn’t pick it out myself.

Instead, I’d ask friends, family and co-workers to propose ideas–anything they wanted me to attempt in the New Year–and I’d pick one hobby at random.

I must confess that I was a bit nervous to leave my destiny in the hands of my friends and family. After all, what if they picked hobbies like cliff-diving or Italian auto repair 101 or the art of balancing on paper cups?

Sure enough, when I received the suggestions back, there were a few that made me squirm, like roller-skating (I am fear on wheels) and acting.

But I also got some pretty cool recommendations like gardening, opera, handbag design and even learning to play the ukulele. Meanwhile, my sister Priscilla proposed a more practical skill–cooking. I tried not to take that one too personally!

Finally, this week, I wrote down all the ideas on pieces of paper, folded them up and put them in a cup. I threw in one of my own for good measure–learning a new language. Before I picked a hobby from the cup, I said a prayer, asking God for guidance.

Well, what a surprise when I unfolded the slip of paper that contained my new hobby for 2015–hip-hop dance. Yes, you read that correctly. A suggestion that came from my 19-year-old cousin, Jonathan, who is himself a talented dancer and very hip.

I’ve taken hip-hop dance classes before and let’s just say that I don’t seem to have inherited any of Jonathan’s talent or hipness. Nevertheless, I will try, try, try again

I’ll let you know how my journey into the world of hip-hop dance goes. In the meantime, what new challenges and adventures are you taking on in 2015? Share your resolutions below!

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