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5 Ways to Find Spiritual Satisfaction

If we allow ourselves to embrace the path that God has set us on, we will find true fulfillment.

Edward Grinan
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Satisfaction: the fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations or needs

“Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones is sometimes cited as the greatest rock song ever. I might be inclined to agree with that, though the song is not actually one of my favorite Stones tunes. But it got me thinking about the concept and state of spiritual satisfaction. It’s more than just settling for half a loaf.

In the song, Mick Jagger isn’t looking for the meaning of life or a spiritual truth, nor is he seeking the perfect love or a moment of clarity; he’s just looking for satisfaction, which he can’t seem to find in his travels around the world when he’s “doin’ this and…I’m signin’ that.” But what does it mean to be satisfied? I think it’s a misunderstood, under-appreciated condition and a habit to be cultivated.

1)  Check Your Blessings

“God never gives you more than you can handle,” goes the claim. I would include blessings in that category. I have yet to win the lottery, and I probably never will. Still, when I look at my life, I am given what I need at every turn. My desires are met, not always in abundance but always to satisfaction. God knows our needs better than we do. When I accept His will for me, I find satisfaction.

2)  Keep It Simple

This is a phrase I learned in 12-step (often shortened to KISS—Keep It Simple, Stupid) and a concept I have admittedly yet to completely master. Simplicity begets satisfaction. The simpler my desires, the simpler my prayers, the more likely I am to be satisfied. Too often I just can’t stop myself from asking for too much. How happy do I think I need to be? In the end, God doesn’t disappoint me, I do. Keeping it simple keeps it real and enhances gratitude.

3)  Look for Hidden Gifts

We all have them—the job we never thought we’d love, the friend we never thought we’d make, the place we never thought we’d call home. These are some of my greatest satisfactions. Count yours.

4)  Compare Not

Some forms of social media seem designed to wreck our self-esteem. Who hasn’t given in to comparing themselves to others who are presumably living better lives? An old friend wins an award, and I ask why it wasn’t I who won the prize when I should be celebrating her achievement. I was put on the path I’m on for a reason. Comparisons are senseless when I question God’s direction for me by defining it against others. Does a loving God actually make that comparison? I definitely can’t get no satisfaction that way.

5)  Love, the Ultimate Satisfaction

Nothing satisfies our souls more than love—love of God, love of family, love of country, love of self. It is both the simplest and greatest of all satisfactions. I look at the love that runs through my life like a divine current, and I am humbled by its power and immensely satisfied by its fullness.

Spiritual satisfaction is a powerful habit of accepting what God has for us. It grants a perspective on His plan for my life and my embrace of that plan.

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