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5 Fun and Easy Activities You Can Do at Your Window this Winter

Take a break from your screen and look out your window to enjoy the beauty of God’s world.

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With cold weather keeping me inside my Brooklyn apartment this winter, I find myself spending more time looking out my window. It’s a welcome distraction from my laptop and phone screens, which I feel like I’ve been glued to these days. It gives my eyes a break and helps me find a moment to reflect and refresh during a busy workday. In fact, I decided to start making my window time a part of my daily routine to help with my stress and find calm. I’ve even found ways to make it fun! 

As we continue to hunker down this winter, try these fun and easy activities you can do right at your window. Each of them can give you time to re-center yourself, spend time with loved ones, or take a moment with God.  

  1. Birdwatching 

Did you know winter is the perfect time to pick up birdwatching? According to some conservation specialists, you can more easily spot and identify them with less species around. There is also less foliage for them to hide behind. Keep track of your local birds. Learn their songs. Try painting them. Or just take a moment to watch them fly and appreciate their beauty. It’s amazing how much watching birds soar can fill you with wonder and make you feel free. 

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  1. Window Art 

Windows can be the perfect canvas for when you feel like getting artistic. Try using acrylic paints to create a beautiful design on your window. See how it comes to life with the sunlight shining through it. Only have pencils or watercolors? Try sketching or painting the view from your window. Don’t worry about being perfect; just have fun with it! Whether you’re in the city, suburbs, or the country, each view has the potential to be your next masterpiece. 

See how a mixed-media artist, who was told she had no talent, is using her newfound gift to pay it forward.

  1. Look to the Sky 

Is there anything more beautiful than a sunrise? How about seeing a storm roll in or watching the falling snow? In today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard to remember to stop and take in the glory of God’s world. Spend a few minutes each day watching the clouds go by or notice the beautiful colors of the sunset. Use these moments to re-center yourself and remind yourself that you have a purpose in God’s plan

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  1. Play ‘I Spy’ 

Try spending some of your family time at the window instead of in front of the TV. A classic game of I Spy is a great way to pass the time together. Make teams for a little friendly competition or try to see who can find the most colors. You’d be surprised how much attention to the little details can make you appreciate that view even more.  

From digital card games to matching games, Guideposts.org has you covered with our free virtual collection.

  1. Talk with God  

Use your time in front of the window to focus on your relationship with God. Looking out your window can be the perfect time to pray, reflect and give thanks. Looking for a way to guide your talks with God? Try using one of Guideposts’ daily devotionals as you sit by the window. Or curl up with a Bible and read through your favorite passages. Guideposts offers a variety of Bibles  — like the Daily Bible in large print or the Helpfinder Bible — so you can spend more time with God this winter.  

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