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3 Easy Ways to Give Your Staircase a Spring Spruce

Simple upgrades can bring a soft, colorful flair to your stairs.

Spring refresh for stairs

The Chinese proverb “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is definitely not intended to describe a literal staircase. But when we think about our homes, why don’t we pay more attention to the structure that takes us on countless daily journeys—from rest to work, from eating to relaxing, from company to privacy?

A staircase is a transitional space and as such it can escape the notice of even those who put significant time and energy into making their homes feel positive, inviting and cared-for in every way.

This spring, why not spruce up your stairs? You can do so for a minimal investment, and you will reap the benefits every time you step up (or down). Here are three easy ways to add some flair to your stairs.

1)  Stair Tread Rugs
There are myriad options for soft rectangles or ovals of carpet that can be placed on your stair treads. This makes for a more calming stair-walking experience, dampening the sounds of footfalls, as well as cushioning your feet as you step. Inexpensive tread rugs come in a variety of pleasing designs, colors and textures.

2)  Stair Riser Stencils or Stickers
The risers on your stairs are, in a way, blank canvases that are ready for your creative touch. A small can of paint and a beautiful stencil is an extremely low-cost way to add a simple image like a leaf or a scroll onto your stair risers. You can also buy vinyl or other long-lasting adhesive stickers that are sized for stair risers. Some of these even incorporate Bible verses or other inspiring words to carry you up the stairs while lifting your soul at the same time.

3)  Wall Hangings
The wall of a staircase is one that you will walk by multiple times each day. I have always been nervous about hanging heavy frames on my stairway wall, in case someone jostles them and they fall. But there are many easy, lightweight ways to decorate a stairway wall. You can hang a textile like macrame or a colorful banket or rug. You can also have stick-on prints made of beloved family photographs, a tip that also enables you to move pictures around as you please.

What would you do to freshen up your stairwell?

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