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10 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

There’s no such thing as a small act of gratitude or appreciation, especially in tough times.

Random acts of kindness

I’ve long been a believer in the “a little goes a long way” approach when it comes to kindness. You have probably experienced the delight of an unexpected kindness, often something so simple it can almost pass notice, except that it lights you up inside. 

The shut-down, slow-down and new normal of living with the coronavirus pandemic has changed so much, including the ways we show each other we care. Here are some random acts of kindness you can do in a way that’s socially distanced, safe and also deeply meaningful.

1)  Send a favorite inspirational quote to a friend with a simple note saying, “This keeps me going. How are you?”

2)  Write a gratitude letter (or email or text message) to a friend. Be specific about what you’re thankful for in them.

3)  Display a motivational saying in your window or write it in chalk on your sidewalk.

4)  Drop off a small gift (a lovely bar of soap, a few flowers from your garden, a book you loved) on a friend’s porch—anonymously.

5)  Take on a task that your spouse or children typically do around the house to give them a break. 

6)  Compliment someone you encounter during your day (postal worker, grocery clerk, etc.) on a job well done.

7)  Give a friendly nod to a stranger as you pass by.

8)  Do something kind for yourself. Get out the cloth napkins. Light a soothing candle. Practice positive self-talk.

9)  Make a donation to a charity you care about, either anonymously or in the name of a loved one.

10) Write a positive review of a local business you love and want to succeed.

What random acts of kindness have you done (or been the recipient of) recently?

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