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What Inspires You 10/5/11

We’d like to share some inspiring comments about inspirational reading and more that you contributed to our Facebook page.

What Inspires Guideposts Readers

This week several of you told us about how what you’re reading inspires you—including Guideposts, which we always love to hear!

Linda Merzger says she’s enjoyed reading the magazine for years, and Kathleen Bettilyon was inspired by our Mysterious Ways story about a widow who received a comforting sign from heaven in the form of a blue heron. “After reading it, I woke up the next morning and my husband had taken a video of a blue heron in our own back yard,” she writes. “What does it mean? I do not know, but I take it as a good sign of something. A gift from God for sure!”

Ann Barley tells us that reading Daily Guideposts inspires her: “I have watched all of the writers grow and change, and I love each of them and their stories!”

Other books are also on your mind; Marsha Butschek tells us, “I have enjoyed reading the book Into the Light, by John Lerma, M.D., about what people see before they pass to the other world.”

Kim Lynette Sandstrom has found comfort in other ways. “I have been going through one of the longest, toughest stretches of my life. I called your prayer line on two occasions, and what a blessing it was to be able to have those good people available to pray with. Since then, I have written an article about what Guideposts has meant to me over this time.”

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