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The Circle of Inspiration

The Guideposts editor-in-chief shares the scoop on the inspiring web project.

I hope you love your jobs as much as I love mine. One of the most amazing things about working at GUIDEPOSTS is how much contact we have with you, the reader and user, since it’s your stories we tell in our magazines and on our site. I feel sorry for other editors in this business who don’t get to know their customers so well. It’s like I’m meeting up with a million friends when I come into work each morning.

You always say you can’t get enough of GUIDEPOSTS, and we try to figure out ways to give you more stories of hope and inspiration, more of the GUIDEPOSTS experience. But with the limitations and skyrocketing costs of print and postage, there is only so much we can do in the pages of the magazine. 

Thank God, digital technology has changed all that. It has enabled us to give you a far richer and more interactive experience, including all sorts of stuff we can’t do in print but you’ll love just as much.

Which is why I am excited to tell you about our latest web-based project, the Circle of Inspiration, where you can enjoy and share more of the GUIDEPOSTS experience. 

Now I can give you a personal video preview of the upcoming magazine right on your computer screen and introduce you to some of the authors that appear in the magazine, including some inspiring celebrities (no, that’s not a total contradiction). Think of it as a mini GUIDEPOSTS talk show.

Each month I’ll pick a couple of stories to tell you about, without ruining your reading experience when you get the magazine. In fact, some of the things I tell you will make your reading all the more satisfying and inspiring. 

As a member of the Circle of Inspiration, you will also have access to slideshows featuring some great photography we simply can’t fit into the magazine but would love for you to see; extended sidebars with tips and information not included in the stories; videos that give you a deeper look into the lives of our storytellers; exclusive Circle-only content that will inspire and uplift and keep you going between issues of the magazine; interviews, Q&As, podcasts; discounts from ShopGuideposts and on GUIDEPOSTS’ new Inspiration Vacations; a unique Circle of Inspiration tote bag and much, much more. We plan to give you a complete GUIDEPOSTS experience. 

Most important, though, by becoming part of the Circle of Inspiration you help us create and distribute more than five million magazines, books and inspirational pamphlets to the military and military hospitals, waiting rooms, nursing homes, shelters, prisons…anywhere people are in need. Given the state of the world today, this is no small task. GUIDEPOSTS is a not-for-profit company and we rely on your generosity and loyalty to do this important work. I am deeply grateful for that support.

See you in the Circle of Inspiration.  

Edward Grinnan is Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of GUIDEPOSTS Publications.

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